Case Study


The Challenge

Warrendale Wagyu

Warrendale Wagyu approached Repeat Commerce to plan, design and build a new subscription website to sell their award-winning British Wagyu Beef products, such as individual steaks, burgers and meat boxes, direct to consumers.

Since July 2017, the Yorkshire based company had mainly supplied their produce to restaurants and wholesalers but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and the temporary closing of the majority of the hospitality industry, it was important to place a greater emphasis on selling directly to end users.

Although an ecommerce website already existed, it was not subscription enabled. In addition to this, the existing site wasn’t particularly stable or easy to navigate, so a new platform had to be quickly established.

The objectives of the brief were:

  • Design a new ecommerce subscription website within a 3 month time frame
  • Improve UI and UX to optimise conversion rates
  • Create a design which represents the high quality of the produce
  • Manage site migration & SEO support including 301 Redirects

Our Solution

Design was crucial to Warrendale Wagyu. Repeat Commerce’s design team put together exiting and eye catching visuals. The bold black, red and white design was deliberately chosen to reflect the Japanese origins of Wagyu Beef as ‘Wag-you’ literally translates to ‘Japanese cow’. It also provides a direct contrast to lighter concepts commonly used for ecommerce websites. This reflects that the Warrendale Wagyu website is something special and out of the ordinary.

As Wagyu is also considered a high-end quality product, the black reflects a certain amount of sophistication whilst the potency of the red signifies the passion and importance the customer is looking for from their purchase. The black also helps to enhance the vibrancy of the quality product images.

Although a rebrand wasn’t part of the brief, the original logo wasn’t particularly suited for a responsive website design. Therefore, Repeat Commerce created a new version to use for when space was limited and increased legibility was necessary. The font for the website was chosen to compliment the logo and it was also an ideal fit for the new contemporary website design.
The Warrendale Wagyu BigCommerce site was designed to make the subscription user journey as easy as possible and the pages were optimised to maximise the chances of conversion clicks required throughout the user journey and to ensure a simple way to establish the subscription.

Our Results

The Warrendale Wagyu BigCommerce site was launched in early June 2020 and is currently taking 80% more B2C orders compared to the previous website for the same period. The subscription ecommerce functionality allows a steady, predictable revenue stream to allow the business to grow and thrive.

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