Repeat Commerce Welcomes Hearst UK for Ongoing Magento Commerce Cloud Development & Support

Here at Repeat Commerce, we’re extremely pleased to announce the recent onboarding of Hearst UK. With Adobe’s Magento Commerce Cloud forming the beating heart of their online ecommerce and subscription offering, we are proud to have been selected to offer our extensive Magento expertise to help Hearst achieve their long-term ecommerce ambitions.

Repeat Commerce will be delivering ongoing support and application development for Hearst UK’s Magento Commerce Cloud platform. As one of the UK’s official Magento partners we were selected for our in depth knowledge and our track record in delivery. We’re extremely proud of the fact that we’re part of an elite group of development agencies recognised by Adobe, and that recognition has allowed Hearst UK to place their confidence firmly in our abilities.

Repeat Commerce is also part of the PureNet Group – an organisation with extensive experience in delivering dedicated ecommerce builds and bespoke solutions to clients. The group’s knowledge and specialisms spans a multitude of industries, and boasts a proven track record of working with publishers and subscription services such as Immediate Media, DC Thomson’s Puzzler, Bauer Media and Dennis Publishing. Now with the opportunity for us to work closely with Hearst Magazines UK, we’re able to apply our expertise within the industry to further build upon their existing success.

About Hearst UK

As the leading premium content and experience business, it’s no surprise that Hearst UK has developed a significant base of loyal customers. Originally founded in 1887 in the US by William Randolph Hearst, the Hearst Corporation has rapidly grown and evolved, acquiring a multitude of significant publications both in the US and internationally, many of which remain staple brands in the Hearst portfolio to this day. Hearst Corporation has also seen success in the book publishing industry, as well as radio and film, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business (such as Metro Goldwyn Mayer).

Fast forwarding to the present day, Hearst UK is responsible for the publication of 23 of the UK’s most highly-regarded and trusted brands. The list of publications includes: ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prima, Harper’s Bazaar, Red and many more.


It’s safe to say that Hearst UK’s publications have had a profound impact on modern society. Hearst UK’s print and digital brands reach over one in three UK women and one in four UK men every month, and its trusted content engages them wherever they are. They sell over four million magazines a month, reach 20+ million UK digital unique users and have more than 79 million likes and follows through via its social media platforms.

Hearst UK’s events division – Hearst Live – connects with over a million people a year through events such as Country Living Fairs, Esquire Townhouse and Red Smart Women Week. Its licensed brand extensions include Country Living sofas and hotels, Esquire apparel and accessories and Men’s Health home gym equipment. They also have a growing operation offering accreditation through the state-of-the-art testing facility at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

With Hearst’UK’s extensive capabilities and vast customer-base, the integration of their sites with CDS Global ensures that fulfilment and distribution of Hearst magazines is achieved efficiently and effectively.

What Adobe Magento Cloud Commerce Offers Businesses

Aside from the fact that Magento itself has become one of the most powerful, widely-adopted platforms for ecommerce to date, Adobe’s Magento Commerce Cloud offers unparalleled flexibility and power for digital merchants in a single scalable package. By combining the tools and resources from Adobe’s Experience Cloud, this package platform can actively save businesses time and money from the get go. Here’s a run-down of how Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud can benefit your business:

An all-in-one integrated suite of tools for ecommerce – Everything a digital business could need, all in one place, completely integrated for maximum performance. That means your business process esare streamlined from the start.

Magento Commerce with Adobe’s class-leading tools – With Magento at the heart of it all, you can rest assured that your storefront will be operating smoothly with one of the most highly-regarded platforms on the market. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience manager, all seamlessly integrated.

Cloud-based system keeps your business on top of updates and security – Adobe’s Magento Cloud Commerce makes everything faster, whilst its scalable nature prevents downtime at crucial moments. The latest Adobe innovations and upgrades will always be readily-available so that you don’t miss out on important updates or fixes.

Every channel can be managed intuitively from one place – Adobe Magento Cloud Commerce keeps every single one of your channels working smoothly. It’s perfect for global, multi-site and multi-brand organisations.

For more information on Adobe Magento Cloud Commerce, head on over to our recent article that covers the platform in more detail.

Subscription ecommerce holds a firm place in the future of online business

Hearst UK’s continued growth and success is proof that subscriptions, particularly in the publishing industry, remain a powerful force in the world of commerce. Subscription e-commerce has found significant success in recent years, with everything from goodie bags and beauty boxes to digital media services and software becoming increasingly important to its consumers. It’s a constantly-evolving business model that brings significant benefits to both businesses and consumers, ensuring a predictable income stream for companies combined with a more flexible, accessible approach to goods and services for their customers.

Typically, the average Brit spends approximately £60 per year on subscription services, with more than £2-billion being spent nationwide on these services each year. That number is continuously on the rise as more and more businesses are deciding to adopt this highly-beneficial model. Everything from hobbies to weekly meals are becoming catered for via subscription services, dramatically changing the way that consumers shop. In a digital-first world, it’s certainly proving to be an effective model for businesses in all industries.


If you’d like more information on the services that Repeat Commerce can provide for you and your business, get in touch with us today. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with the information you’re looking for.

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